SEMDA Fundraising

Each year SEMDA tries to plan exciting fundraising events and have SEMDA merchandise available to purchase at meetings. Money that is raised form the sale of travel mugs, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and Detroit Tiger’s game tickets go to SEMDA’s annual sponsorship of programs that may include The Women’s International Expo, Race for the Cure, the Walk to Cure Diabetes, American Heart Association Walk or support of our operating budget. SEMDA is involved in other community programs as well as National Nutrition Month each year. By reaching out to the community, we provide services to those in need as well as increased recognition of the dietetic profession. To help SEMDA achieve its goals, look for the latest SEMDA merchandise at the next meeting and help promote our message to the community.

At each meeting there is also an opportunity to donate money to the MDA-PAC (Political Action Committee) fund. This fund is used to support our state legislators that represent our interest and goals (i.e. obtaining state legal recognition for Registered Dietitians in Michigan).

We currently do not have a fundraising activity chairperson, so if you are interested in helping plan some fundraising events or research merchandise to sell, please contact us at