Professional & Community Resources

      • Fundraising — Find out how fundraising is an important part of getting SEMDA and the dietetic profession recognized in the community.
      • Hospital Programs — In this section, find out what nutrition programs are available at your local hospital. Classes are available on diabetes, cancer, weight management, cholesterol reduction, etc…
      • Organizations/Associations & Governmental Agencies — Find out what other associations are doing when it comes to health and nutrition.
      • Health Departments — Find the closest health department in your area.
      • Culinary Arts Programs — Enhancing your skills and knowledge of food preparation in the home or at a food-service establishment.
      • Eating Disorders – Find resources to learn more about eating disorders.

Notice: SEMDA’s links to other organizations, associations and agencies are not an endorsement of products or services provided by those institutions and SEMDA is not responsible for their content. Information on this site is not intended to replace medical advice.